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See Tips and Tricks posts below.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Points4Rewards Tips N Tricks 3

Hello everyone! Having a great week so far. Ok ok on to the tips n tricks.

Last pass

This is a great program I use to remember my user names and passwords. It is not a form filler like roboform. To be honest I don't like roboform. Nuff said. Easy to use and doesn't take up a whole tool bar. XD


Lastly I can not stress enough always always always use firefox to complete offers.

Have a great afternoon and remember keep it insane!
Jay Insanity

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Points4Rewards Tips and Tricks 2

Many of you may know that when you visit a website you computer logs a cookie saying you visited site A at such and such a time. What many people don't know is that some of those cookies can not be removed by clearing your cookies. They are called LSO's. Some companies like yahoo have these hidden cookies to keep track of information like how many email accounts are connected to your IP address. Along with other personal information you don't want known.

No worries I have the solution! Better privacy is a official firefox addon that removes LSO's when you exit the browser. Here is a example of how many LSO's the average person acquires in one day. I have been browsing the net for a few hours and exited firefox and a message pops up say " Better privacy has found 39 LSO's would you like to remove them. I click yes and my information is kept safe!

Download Better Privacy

If you also want a great program to remove your normal every day cookies and clean your computer up a bit. CCleaner will be a great addition to your collection of computer safe programs. CCleaner is a program you down load and install it will remove any cookies and un nessisary left overs from browsing the net. It is vary simple to use open the desktop icon and click run CCleaner.

Download CCleaner

I know that these two programs have helped keep my computer safe and will help you keep your computer safe as well.

Have a GREAT afternoon and remember keep it INSANE!
Jay Insanity

Monday, May 31, 2010

Points4Rewards Tips and Tricks

Everyone has there own tips and trick and I'm going to share mine with you.

1. Free online voice mail. You get a free phone number where you can get voice messages.

2. For every offer in each offer family you will need a new email.I know sad but true. Yahoo emails are the best emails to use because they are fast, easy to creat, and all advertising companies accept them. Offers credit better with yahoo then aim, hushmail, or any other email. NEVER use GMX emails or anything like them.

3. After each offer clear cookies "firefox" tool>Options>Privacy>Clear Recent history or clear individual cookies.

More on completing each kind of offer next time.
Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah keep it INSANE!
Jay Insanity